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Premier Domains FAQ's

∇ What are the benefits of a Premier Domain’s Membership? is an upscale domain marketplace with more of a “retail” feel than its competitors.  Because far more individuals “in the domain business” realize the true value of domains compared to the general public for whom they are targeting as customers, the more “retail” look and feel provides customers with confidence in the industry and the products (domains) listed.  The more confidence we portray that the buying of domains is a legitimate business practice, the more positive the customer’s experience.

Members can choose to receive email notifications regarding special offers and new listings.  Information that is valuable to anyone in the “domain business” right at your fingertips, right when it happens.

Members can also list their domains through a Premier Domains listing.  Member listings are completely customizable and you even decide the timeframe of your listing.  Member domains are also given preferred exposure on all search results.  Top domains receive top exposure, and are highlighted for free as a featured domain with a rotating position on Premier Domain’s homepage.

∇ How do I become a member of the website? And how much does it cost?

It is simple to become a member of the website, and it’s free!  Go to and create your own personal login account.

∇ How much does it cost to list a domain on the website?

There is no cost to list your domains on the website. will collect a 15% commission ($75 minimum fee) for any domains listed on the site that are sold.  Commissions are payable to by the seller (or listing individual) within 15 days of you accepting the terms of the sale of the domain.

∇ How can I search for a domain? makes it easy to search for a domain.  We provide users to search by Category, Keyword, Member Listings, or through a detailed “Advanced Search” feature that allows the user to select a multitude of search options.

∇ Why are some domains listed as “Make Offer” or “Request Price”?

Because the domain marketplace for Premier Domains is constantly changing, domains that are listed as “Request Price” will be evaluated at the time a price is requested and the price given will usually only be available for a limited time.  Domains listed as “Make Offer” are intended to attract interested buyers and initiate negotiations.  There is usually a minimum offer listed for “Make Offer” domains.

∇ I currently have my domains “parked”, how can you help me sell them?

If you have the domains currently parked you should be able to place a “This domain may be for sale” link somewhere within the header or footer of the parked page.  You can set that link to bring the user directly to your listing page with  This system will help you manage all the inquiries for your domains and email the information directly to you.

Here is an example of a listing:

∇ What if my domain listings with have a set “Buy Now” price, but a potential buyer wants to make me an offer?

Any potential buyers can send inquiries and offers through our “General Question or Feedback” contact form.  This information will be forwarded to you by a member of our brokerage department.  Should you be interested in the buyer’s offer, or would like to make a “counter-offer”, our broker will act as a liaison in helping you negotiate a “deal” with the buyer.

∇ How can a Broker help me buy domains?

If there is a particular domain or “Category” of domains that you are interested in our brokerage team will work with you to find the "right" domain for your application or needs.  Or if there is a particular domain you are interested in our brokers will contact those parties to whom the domains are registered and inquire, make an offer, and facilitate the negotiation of the sale of the domain for you.  Once an agreement is reached will collect a 15% commission ($75 minimum fee) for the successful negotiation of a domain purchase on your behalf.  Commissions are payable to by the buyer within 15 days of you accepting the terms of the sale.

While the specifics of each sale may differ and will be detailed within the final purchase agreement, the buyer is generally responsible for all transfer costs, escrow costs, and any other costs that might be incurred in order to take possession of the domain.

∇ How can a Broker help me sell my domains?

Our process for brokering or selling your domain names is a simple one.  Whenever we receive inquiries for a particular domain name we of course go directly to the registered owner.  However, when a potential buyer inquires about a specific domain category or market we first look at the inventory of our Member Listings before going outside the Premier Domains Company to recommend a domain.  This is another good reason to list your names on the Premier Domains Website and point your parked pages "for sale" link to your Premier Domains listing.  See our FAQ's for more information on how to go about linking your parked page to your listing.

While we do have client's who look to purchase domain names within a particular vertical, the majority of requests we receive to sell a domain do not match these client criteria.  Our brokerage service's value is when a potential buyer inquires about a Members Listing, and we can help to facilitate the sale.  When a buyer and seller attempt to deal direct there is a natural friction.  Using the Premier Domains Brokerage Service takes the emotion out of the transaction, and the process is smoother and quicker than it would be otherwise.

You should know what you expect to receive for your domain names before contacting a broker, and if you don't know you should look at comparable sales figures, previous offers you have received, and other criteria to formulate a fair value.  In the end, the value of a domain is ultimately what a buyer will pay for it.

∇ Will Premier Domains purchase my domains? purchases everything from single domains to entire portfolios.  Your expectations should be reasonable as would be purchasing the domains at more of a wholesale price, and will be re-selling the domains to a wide variety of potential clients including individuals, investors, and end-users.  This option is beneficial for those who wish to avoid the potential hassle and time associated with marketing, initiating the sale, and negotiating with possible buyers.

Please remember that will not purchase any domains deemed offensive, or that may refer to adult, vice, celebrity or trademarked content, or any domains that may infringe on third-party rights.

∇ Why should I buy a Premier Domain?

Having the “right” domain is essential for the success of any business – online or otherwise.  Whether you have an online business, or are looking to enhance your “brick and mortar” business with an online presence, having a “Premier Domain” is crucial.

Your domain builds credibility for your business.  It says who you are and what you do.  It is also far more professional to have an email address of say “” rather than “”.  A domain is also an important way for your customers to remember and find you; it’s your “physical address” on the net.  By including your domain on all of your marketing materials it provides you with another level of visibility.

Also, when you choose a domain name that best represents your company you are protecting your brand.  There is only one, and when you own it your competitors can’t.  Many companies also invest in multiple “secondary” or “auxiliary” domains to help drive traffic to their site.  These “secondary” domains may receive direct type-in traffic by Internet users searching for your product or service.  Direct type-in traffic is when an Internet user types the domain directly into their browser as the URL.  For example, typing “” when they are looking for a limousine service to the airport.

∇ How much can I expect to pay for a Premier Domain?

While there are many factors which dictate the value of a domain (Refer to: What is the value of a domain?  How do I value my domains?), the price of a Premier Domain will vary based on criteria such as marketability, character length, traffic, and it’s extension to name a few.  As time progresses the more favorable domains will become more valuable, especially as more domains become developed by individuals and businesses and the demand for “good” domain names increases.

∇ What is the value of a domain?  How do I value my domains?

Many believe the topic of Domain Appraisals and Values to be speculative as the ultimate value of any domain is based on the amount a buyer is willing to pay and a seller is willing to accept for a domain.  Certainly the more descriptive the term the higher the value tends to be, as well as the length of the domain (shorter is better), and the extension (.com, .net, .org).

That being said, there are many sources available that will offer appraisals for a fee and will claim varying degrees of “science” behind their valuations.  Any domain appraisals should be considered a guideline and used in conjunction with one’s own experience and/or research, and relative to offers previously received for the domain.  Of course caution must be exercised when refusing any offer because such an offer may not present itself again.

For many domain sellers the question becomes whether or not it is more important to sit on the domain and wait for a potential sale, or to set a reasonable price that is more likely to initiate interest and provide them with instant cash flow to support and increase their business.

For more information regarding domain appraisals and values, go to

∇ Why aren't my domains selling?  What can I do to help sell my domains?

This is a question we receive from many domain name owners.  Unfortunately, many domains that are simply made up of a string of words put together with no cognitive meaning or use have little or no value.  The other problem is that people ask unreasonable amounts for these domains.

Valuable domains have meaning, describe a "real" product or service, and have a TLD (Top-Level Domain) extension such as .com, .net, or .org.  If you can't think of at least a couple of bona fide uses or applications for your domain name then chances are that no one else will be able to either, and the domain has no value.

Also, many domain sellers are unaware of the true development costs for a fully functional website.  Website development can range from a low of $10,000 to an average of $15k to $20 just for something with a professional and retail look and feel.  Add the cost of a good domain and you have a substantial investment risk before you have even begun to add advertising and marketing costs - with an actual income from the website coming much later if at all.

The key is to price your domain properly right from the start.  Don't overprice your domain and assume that a buyer will come back with a counter offer, and that you and the buyer will be able to put together a deal.

∇ What are my payment options?

Depending on the listing arrangement with the domains owner, payment options include Credit Card, Escrow, and PayPal.  For those domains where a Credit Card is accepted as payment, purchases can be facilitated instantly online via our secure purchase form.  For these domains, PremierDomains accepts all major credit cards including AMEX, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.  Other domain purchases may be made using an online escrow service or PayPal.

∇ I just purchased a domain?  What are the next steps for me?

After you have submitted your payment, the domain’s current owner (or PremierDomains) will verify your payment and contact information.  Once processed, you will receive an email with the “Domain Transfer Instructions”.  Because there are a multitude of different registrars currently holding the domains we list, you will be directed to contact the registrar for the names you’ve purchased in order to maintain ownership.

VERY IMPORTANT:  All domains require a yearly registration fee to the registrar in order to maintain ownership.  You WILL lose your domain if this fee is not paid.  This is an Internet-wide regulation that is required of all domain owners, and not a policy of PremierDomains.  The actual expiration date of each domain’s registration is unique for each domain.  PremierDomains recommends paying for a multi-year registration to be protected from administrative or nonpayment issues.

∇ What are my costs and responsibilities associated with buying a domain?

Once you have purchased a domain you are responsible for transferring the ownership and ensuring that your contact information is properly listed in the “WHOIS” database.  The purchase price you have paid for the domain is a one-time cost and does not include the annual registration fee.  You are responsible for paying the annual registration fee.  In order to maintain this annual registration, you must ensure the registrar is able to contact you (through the WHOIS information you supplied), and you must pay the registration fee directly to them prior to the expiration.  The expiration date for your domain is listed within the WHOIS record.  While registrars are required to attempt to contact you prior to the domain registration expiration, it is your responsibility to maintain the domains’ registration.

∇ What is an Escrow Service? and how does it work?

An escrow service may be the chosen method used to transfer payment from the Buyer to the Seller.  An escrow service reduces the potential risk of fraud by acting as a trusted third party that collects, holds, and then subsequently releases funds according to the Buyer and Seller instructions per their agreement.

Step 1: The Buyer and Seller agree to the terms of the sale.  This will typically include a brief description of the domain name, sale price, number of days for the Buyer's inspection, and any transfer details (registrar, etc.).

Step 2: The Buyer transfers the money to the escrow company.  The processing time of this step my vary depending on the payment method that is chosen.  If the Buyer has chosen to "pull" the domain over to their registrar (if different from the current registrar), they should then initiate a transfer at their registrar.

Step 3: The Seller transfers the domain name.  Once the Seller is verified that the payment is clear they should begin to prepare the domain for transfer, which includes unlocking the domain.  The Seller should also receive Transaction and Security Codes or ID's from their registrar which should be forwarded onto the Buyer.

Step 4: The Buyer accepts the domain transfer.  Once the Buyer has received the Transaction and Security Codes from the Seller they can proceed to complete the domain transfer at their registrar.  Per the Buyer and Seller Agreement the Buyer has a set number of days to confirm the purchase and then accept the domain.

Step 5: The Escrow Service pays the Seller.  Once the Buyer has accepted the domain the escrow service will release the funds to the Seller and the transaction is complete.

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