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Please Read This Carefully purchases everything from single domains to entire portfolios.  We are looking to acquire premium domains at fair market prices. is not looking for overpriced or non-premium domains.  Please be reasonable with your expectations as will be re-selling the domains to a wide variety of potential clients.  We base the price we expect to pay on a domain's traffic, or if the traffic is not substantial we base the value on how well suited the domain is for it's field or category. generally only purchases .com domains without hyphens or numerals.  This option is beneficial for those who wish to avoid the hassle and time associated with marketing, initiating the sale, and negotiating with potential buyers.

Whether you are looking to sell your domains to us or to any potential buyers, we strongly suggest that you open a Free Premier Domains Member Account and place a listing for your domains.  To sign up, simply go to:

Please remember that will not purchase any domains deemed offensive, or that may refer to adult, vice, celebrity or trademarked content, or any domains that may infringe on third-party rights.

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